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So, yesterday was November 1st, and I’m sure anyone who has been following me the past month knows, I’m participating in the insane challenge of Nanowrimo(National Novel Writing Month). The goal is to write 50,000 words on a new project in 30 days. So, even though I was 35,000 into a work in progress, I set it aside after last week. I wasn’t completely happy with where it was going anyway. So, once I finish the one I write this month, I’m going to go back and apply an outlining method I recently learned about to the novel I finished in July and do a complete rewrite of it before doing the same with the one I’ve been working on.

I participated in this last year as well, but didn’t even learn about it until November 3rd, so was all ready a few days starting. Plus, I thought it would be a good idea to write it all down and then type it up. Of course, I didn’t realize how much faster i could type than write, but I figured I’d get distracted by the internet and not get anything written. I should have had more faith in my self-discipline. I still managed to get to within 5K of the goal. Of course, even when I finished the story in December, it didn’t quite hit the 50K mark. I’m hoping with more planning this year(and maybe a better story idea), I’ll have a better chance of finishing.

My Progress:

WIP: Set aside. My NaNo novel will take over this spot.

NaNo: Finished putting all the scenes into Storybook last week. And organized all of the scenes into the writing program I’m going to use for this one(YWriter. I’ve used it before then went to Scrivener and am now going back to it). I like it because it has a tab where you can put in the goal/conflict/outcome for each scene(or reaction/dilemma/choice if it’s a reaction scene instead of action scene).  Also, it tells you how many words you’ve written that day, which means less math for me to do.

Yesterday I was able to write 2345 words in less than a total of two hours. I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up that pace, but it’s nice to start out ahead. This morning I’ve all ready written 560 words. The words seem to just be flowing right out of my fingers right now. That’s another thing I’m sure won’t continue. But, I’m going to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Blogging: Not so good this week. Didn’t get a post up on Monday, so I’m behind on this. I should have a post next week though so hopefully I can get back on track with it.

Exercise: didn’t work out over the weekend at all, but I did on Monday and Tuesday, so I’m on track for this week so far. Today is a rest day though.

I’m sure today will not be as good of a writing day. Yesterday, my daughter had a cough(well, she’s had it for several days but thought it was just lingering around from the last cold/croup) and this morning at around 2-2:30 she came into our room and sounded like a seal. We know what that sound means now. My husband took her outside in the cool air and into the steamy bathroom, neither of which seemed to help a whole lot, so we’ll be getting the steroids to give her today. That seems to be the only thing that ever helps her. It’s really disappointing since today is the grandparents’ celebration at her school. My mom was planning on coming up for it, and I know she was really looking forward to it. But, I guess that’s out now since I’ll be keeping her home from school. Oh well, as long as she starts feeling better.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: The Insanity Begins" (11)

  1. C.M. Cipriani said:

    What is this new outlining of which you speak? I need to check out ywriter. I’m a Scrivener gal right now but these Windows Betas are killing me. Good job on the goals though. You’ll get back to the blogging. I need to work on exercising I fell off the wagon over the holiday weekend with my mom here and haven’t pick up a dumbbell since.

    • I’ve been using the snowflake method. Only about 5000 words into the story, but so far it seems to have helped me. I like both ywriter and scrivener, but definitely leaning more toward ywriter for now.

  2. That’s a great start to NaNo, I came in slightly lower (2302) and have the same fears about not being able to keep it up – of course it doesn’t help that the first scene was in my head for a few days prior!

    I need to copy you and get some exercise!

    Good luck with the rest of the week!

    • I haven’t been able to copy the first day’s success, but I’m still keeping up with it. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your words.

  3. Ryan King said:

    Go with the flow! Or least, as long as it lasts 😉 Aww.. sorry about the little one. Hope she feels better soon.

  4. […] those) so going to take more time and effort. I’m not the only one that has this fear – Fallon Brown said exactly the same in her blog today – it can’t be a crazy irrational fear […]

  5. Sounds like you’re getting a lot done even with life sending you little derailments. The word count is good – congrats. Can’t comment on croup but I have a niece and nephew that both suffered from severe asthma during their first …hmm, about six years. Constant ER visits in the middle of the night and training of little kids to put on their mask and inhale the stuff – tough not matter how you slice it. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

    • Thanks for stopping by. She does seem to be feeling better. Once we give her the steroid pill, she seems to feel about 95% better. Still has a cough today, but sounds so much better than yesterday.

  6. This is my first year I’ll be typing my NaNo project straight away instead of writing it out longhand first, and I think it’s going to make a world of a difference. I still think I write much better when I’m using a pen, but NaNo is more about speed than anything else, I’ve realized. I’ll have plenty of time to rewrite later!

    I hope your daughter feels better soon! Those kind of coughs are the worst! But I’m glad to hear you’re off to a good start; hopefully, the ups and extras will be more plentiful than the days where Life gets in the way and not as much can get done.

    • I know I can type about twice as fast as I can write by hand, so it makes a large difference for me. Especially when my writing time is limited to pretty much when my son is sleeping. I haven’t written as much the last two days, but I’m still staying on track since I was so far ahead on Day 1. Thanks for stopping by.

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