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I guess it’s official now. I have a toddler. Nathaniel has been taking a few steps here and there since his birthday. But, it has only been when he feels like it, which is usually when he thinks I’m not watching. As soon as I turn to look at him he’ll sit down and start crawling. Then, on Monday he was on the other side of the living room, and he let go of what he was holding onto and started walking toward me. I had just enough time to take a picture before he sat back down.

Walking over to Mommy

Since then, there hasn’t been any stopping him. I’d say he’s walking at least half the time now and probably starting to do it more than crawling. I was even able to get a video of him walking by bribing him with a teddy graham cookie. He hasn’t needed any incentive since then though. I know this means he will be getting into even more(like he wasn’t all ready into everything), but still I’m happy that he didn’t wait until he was almost 17 months old like his sister. She watched everything and did not even try to walk until she knew she could do it. Pretty much from the time he was born, we knew he would be different. And he hasn’t proven us wrong yet.

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