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Family Friday: 5 Years

Five years ago today, I held onto my stepdad’s arm and walked down the aisle to marry the man I love. It’s still hard to believe it’s been five years all ready. In that time, we have had two kids, got two cats(and lost one), got a second dog, and bought a house.

I can still remember riding up to the church and how foggy it was when we first left my friend’s house(where I stayed the night before). And just before we hit town, it suddenly cleared and the sun came out. That’s how I knew my father-in-law was there to see us even though we had just buried him a little more than a week earlier. Ask me about any other details of that day though, and I’d probably be at a loss to tell you. I don’t remember who all was there, what the preacher said at the ceremony or most of what happened at the reception. I barely remember what we ate except that I helped make the meatballs we had. And it’s not just me, my husband says it’s all a blur to him as well. I do remember going back to our apartment and ordering pizza(since we didn’t have time to eat at the reception) and opening all our cards that night. He didn’t have any vacation time yet since he had started a new job in February, so we didn’t go on a honeymoon, he only took the Monday after  the wedding off. We thought about going away on our 1st anniversary, but by then we had a five week old. We never did get the chance to go away.

It has been a good five years, and I can’t wait to see what the next ones bring.

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