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August Nearly Over

I was prepared to stick to my goals starting Wednesday morning. But, my alarm went off, and I had no desire to get out of bed. When I finally did, it was just about time for the kids to start waking up(I swear you could set a clock by them). So, I didn’t get any writing done then. I sat down during my son’s morning nap but had some trouble focusing on the words. Thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse though, I was able to get 15 minutes of uninterrupted writing in. It was my fault for being distracted by the Internet or I could have gotten twice that.

Thursday I woke up extremely early, as in about 1:30 the first time, due to some storms rolling through and my dog having a nervous breakdown because of that. Managed maybe another hour of sleep but laid awake from about 2:30 until around 3:45 when I decided I might as well get up since I wasn’t getting any sleep anyways. Once I got my coffee, I forced myself to focus on the words and pounded out 340 in half an hour. I took a fifteen minute break then wrote for another half hour and got 252 words. So by 5:30, I had already written more than I had in the last week. I got another half hour session in before either of the kids woke up and even though the scene took a turn I wasn’t expecting, I got 511 words written. So, that was a total of 1103 words by 6:15 in the morning. A lot better than I’ve done for most of the month.

Friday I was at the computer by 5:20, so I gave myself 10 minutes to check out Facebook and all that. Took a few extra minutes, but was back to the words by 5:35. Wrote without letting the internet distract me for a half hour, and managed 273 words. But, after that I didn’t get any more writing done for the day.

So, even though I didn’t actually meet my new goal at all, I still feel more accomplished than I have the rest of the month. I think I just needed to take the pressure of meeting a certain word goal. Hopefully after Labor Day(and my son’s first birthday party) things will settle down and I will be able to meet that 2 hour goal.

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  1. Wow…I am in awe of people who can write (and get up!) that early in the morning…it must feel great for the rest of the day knowing you have some writing under your belt. I think I need to give morning writing another go.

    Hope you have a week and you should feel you have accomplished something. Writing is writing after all.

  2. Fallon, I’m glad that you feel that you’ve gotten things accomplished, because you certainly have done so!

    I’m one of those people who cannot do word counts. Either I check the word count every few words with the shrill repetition of the 4-year-old, “are we there yet?” or I feel bad that I didn’t make the requisite amount. So I have time goals instead–they work much better for me.

    Great job with your goals, and I hope this week goes well and that things get even better after Labor Day!

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