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I don’t have a lot to report for the last week and a half. Last Monday I started out good and wrote 1022 words. And Tuesday and Wednesday I woke up early to write and got just over 300 both days but didn’t write during any naps. Thursday I didn’t wake up before the kids and didn’t get any writing done. Friday I only got 202 words written. so only 1911 for the week, which I have sometimes been able to write in a day. And I haven’t written anything yet this week. So, I’m thinking I need to change how I measure my goals. I’m thinking of switching to a time goal instead of word count. I think, at least for the time being, that writing for at least two hours a day will be a more realistic goal than trying to get a certain number of words. That’s either one of the little guy’s nap or a half hour in the morning before kids get up, two half hour periods during his naps, and a half hour after the kids are in bed at night.

Also, I’m planning on making a change to my blog schedule. Since it’s obvious I cannot keep up with a daily posting schedule, I’m going to dial it back to three/four days a week. I’ll still do the knitting updates on Mondays. I’ll post my check-ins on Wednesdays, and this is when I’ll also post flash fiction or excerpts if I have them. I’ll still keep the family updates on Fridays. If I have anything to report on Sundays, I’ll post a check-in then as well.

I hope everyone else has been able to keep to their goals better than I have.

Comments on: "8/24 ROW80 Check-In & Change to Schedule" (2)

  1. Well, we all have to keep plugging along.

  2. Yay, glad you’re keeping the knitting updates. Love your “didn’t write during naps” – do you normally get good ideas in your sleep/dreams? Just kidding šŸ™‚

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