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Even though I lacked the motivation to do just about anything else, I actually made a good bit of progress on my knitting project last week. I got the second sleeve finished and and sewed up all the completed pieces. When I was getting ready to sew the sleeves onto the body of the jacket, I realized I didn’t have the split ring stitch markers I needed to mark where the sleeves went in(only had the solid ring ones to mark the beginning/end of a round on circular needles). So I made do with using little pieces of yarn. Realized when I was sewing the sleeves on that I probably should have used a different color yarn than what the project was though. Still, I don’t think it looked too bad when I was finished. I tried it on a very squirmy 11 month old, and I think I could have gotten away with making it in the 12 month size instead of 18 months. He may have a growth spurt between now and when it gets cold again though, and it won’t be as bad. I also got started on the hood, which even though it’s knitted flat, I had to put on a circular needle. There was just no way I was going to fit the initial 111 stitches on the straight needles. Just a couple more rows and I should be to the point where I can start casting off on it. Then, I just need to sew it onto the rest of the jacket, do the blanket stitch border around the jacket in a contrast color, and do the button loops and buttons.

shoulders seamed together. can see my makeshift stitch markers on the sides.

a closer look at my makeshift stich markers

shoulder seams. don't think they're too bad for the first time.

Comments on: "Knitting Monday: Softee Baby Jacket – Almost done" (1)

  1. jeanette writes said:

    I like your blog schedule. It is inspiring me to consider something like that. The only problem is that I KNOW I can’t post something every day. Awesome job on your knitting! Still hard to believe that you are newly learning this craft.

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