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I realize this is a day late, but I’ve been suffering from a severe lack of motivation this week and it has effected about every aspect of my life.

Last Sunday we had Hayleigh’s fourth birthday party. It went really well even if I was drowning in a sea of pink. Of course, she was pushing our buttons all morning leading up to the party. I found myself tempted several times to threaten her with cancelling the party. But, I knew it would be an empty threat and not achieve anything. Added to that, we apparently have poor party planning skills and scheduled it for Nathaniel’s usual nap time. I thought of this too late to change it. so, that day I decided to try to put him down early for a nap and hoped he would sleep for at least a little bit before people started showing up. He had other ideas though. Of course, he started to get cranky half way through the party, so I tried laying him down again. But, he was afraid he was going to miss something.After about fifteen minutes or so of him screaming in his crib(and me going in to lay him back down again) he finally fell asleep.

Hayleigh did really well at the party. She didn’t want to play with any of her cousins, which is completely typical for her. And after opening her presents, we tried to get her to say a general thank you to everyone, but she wouldn’t. The only way we could get her to was for her to go around and thank everyone individually. But unlike at Christmas and her last birthday, she did not throw the clothes at me when she opened them.

My handwriting is just as bad on cakes as it is on paper

wearing her party dress

this is something I never thought a daughter of mine would like, but she does

ready to blow out her candles

Wednesday was her actual birthday, but she opened her presents from us on Tuesday because Cory wasn’t able to be home on Wednesday. I think with having her party and our little celebration early, it really confused her. Because Wednesday morning she got seriously mad at me when i called her birthday girl and sang happy birthday to her. She kept insisting it was not her birthday. She did not have a problem with me taking her birthday picture with Tigger though.

she was being very careful not to rip the wrapping paper

we have now had to play her "ice game" at least once a day

she used to sit in front of Tigger. This time she insisted on sitting on him.

And as a comparison:

One Month Old

One Year Old

Like I said, it turned out good, but I’m glad it is over. And, we have to do it all over again in three more weeks for Nathaniel’s birthday.

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