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Family Friday: Birthdays

We have an interesting trend in our family. One of my sisters had her first daughter in May & her second daughter in June four years later. I had my daughter in August and my son in September three years later. My oldest sister had her daughter in December and her son in January two years later. I find it funny that only a month separates each set of sibling’s birthdays. My sisters share that trend too since their birthdays are only about a month apart(June & July). Like everything else, I had to be the oddball with a November birthday.

My son turned 11 months this past Wednesday which was exactly a week before my daughter’s fourth birthday. He is proving every day that he is not going to be anything like the laid back child his sister always was. He seems to think he needs to climb everything. He climbs into his sister’s plastic chair set to get up onto the coffee table. And if we don’t have the chairs right up against the coffee table, he still seems to think he can climb over them. He tried standing on an empty box to climb onto the couch earlier today. He’s not even walking on his own yet, and I already have my hands full with him. He will walk if he’s pushing something though. Even if it’s something that’s not meant to be pushed.

He decided to push this across the floor

This is the one he’s supposed to push.


As for Hayleigh, she had her 4 year check-up today. She still only weighs about 30 lbs(15th percentile) and is about 3 feet, 2 inches tall(25th percentile). So, she’s short and skinny. She is very healthy though. She couldn’t get her shots today though because she has to be at least four years old. If I would have known that when scheduling the appointment, I would have waited at least another week. So, now we either have to take her back in sometime after her birthday or wait until her next appointment at 5. It’s not really an issue since she doesn’t need them until she starts Kindergarten next year. So, I will probably just end up waiting.

We’re having her party this Sunday and just about have the house ready for it. Most of what is left on my to-do list is decorating stuff and last minute cleaning. Every time we’ve asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she has told us pink presents and pink cake. So, w got pink wrapping paper, pink icing for on the cake, pink balloons, and pink streamers. I think I’m going to be overloaded on pink this weekend. Even though her party is Sunday, we’re keeping our presents for her until Wednesday since when we asked she said she wanted to open them on her birthday instead of at her party. I don’t know if she realizes they are two different days or not

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