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ROW80 Check-in 8/3

I didn’t really do much during the second half of last week which is why I didn’t check-in on Sunday. I did start writing on Monday again, but as this has been(and will continue to be) a busy week, I haven’t worried too much about my word counts. Monday wasn’t actually too bad and I got over 1650 words written before the kids woke up and during my son’s morning nap. Then, my mom, sister, and 2 nieces came over in the afternoon with my daughter’s birthday presents(since my sister will be out of town for the party this weekend). And after they left, and I put the boy down for a nap, I told Hayleigh I would play her new game with her. On Tuesday, I got just over 1000 words written in the morning but had some other things to do during the afternoon nap, so didn’t get anymore writing done. Today is when things are really starting to get busy. Hayleigh had her last day of “little school”(what she calls the program she goes to) today, so I got vacuuming done while she was out of the house, since she’s still scared of it, even though I will have to run it again before the party since our two dogs can’t seem to keep their hair to themselves. I also had some other cleaning to do although most of that will be done Friday & Saturday. The only writing I got done today was the 537 words I wrote before the kids got up. I should be working on it now, but I’ve been fighting this sinus thing for about 2 weeks now and after giving me a reprieve it’s rearing its ugly head again. Hopefully I can get some more written the next two days, but I’m concentrating more on getting the house ready for her party(still hard to believe she’s going to be 4 already).

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