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Steps to Walking

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago I was worried because Nathan was not quite crawling at almost 9 months. He was going backward but had not figured out how to move forward yet. And it seemed that all the other babies his age were crawling and starting to cruise along furniture. I remember feeling that Hayleigh was so far behind the other kids her age and how stressful that was for me and was determined not to go through that again. Apparently not determined enough though because by the end of May, I was feeling like he was the only nine month old(or almost) that wasn’t crawling.
Then, just before Memorial Day, we were at a friend’s house and he took his first forward crawling “steps”. After that, there was no stopping him. The next day, he was pulling up to his knees and the day after that, he started to occasionally pull to his feet.
When he would get to his feet, he would always get upset. We’re still not sure if it was because he didn’t know how to move or because he forgot how to get back down. But, we don’t have that problem anymore. He is now cruising along furniture, gates, and pretty much anything he can hold on to.
I did not think I would have too much to worry about when he became mobile. After all, when his sister was at that stage, she did not give us too many problems. We just had to tell her no a few times and she learned what not to touch or get into. What I forgot though is that from the time of conception, these two have been just about exact opposites. She was a laid back baby and still is for the most part, except for thinking she’s three going on thirteen(her latest thing is “okay, if you say so”, each syllable full of attitude). He spends most of his day in “baby jail” (aka: his playpen), because he keeps trying to play with things, particularly the cords behind the tv, that I keep removing him from and trying to redirect him. And he just usually laughs at me when I tell him no. I can see I’m going to have my hands full with this one. And I’m sure he’ll be walking(and running) earlier than his sister since she didn’t take her first solo steps until 16.5 months.


The day after he started crawling. Going after his sister’s toolbox because she was not home.


pulling up to his knees on the gate


getting to his feet so he can pester his sister


pulling up to stand in the playpen


getting ready to start cruising


like I said, he’ll pull up on anything even if it’s not too sturdy.

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