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Growing Up

Nathaniel will be 10 months on July 3, but he just had his nine month well visit on Wednesday. He is growing very well. When he was born, he weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz. At 9.5 months, he weighs just a little less than 21 pounds. In comparison, his sister did not weigh 20 pounds until she turned 1. And now she’s still only weighing in at 30 pounds. He is 29 inches long(she was still 28.5 at 1 year). So apparently I’m going to have a little peanut and a bruiser. He’s developing right on track: crawling, pulling up on everything, babbling, and everything else that’s expected of an infant his age. He had to get three shots, and as it was nap time and he was already cranky, this did not go over too well. He did sleep on the way home and didn’t seem to be any crankier than normal although he did not nap as well as normal yesterday. He did rip off his own Band-aid after we got home though. We have to get some blood work closer to his first birthday to check his iron and lead levels then he’ll have his next appointment after he turns one.

Some background on Hayleigh(for those who don’t know): When she was two, she was only saying maybe a dozen words. Since we were concerned, we called Early Intervention. After doing an evaluation, she was found to be eligible for services through the birth to three program. A speech therapist came out to the house once a week to work with her until she turned three. At that time, she was saying about 4 dozen words and a few phrases, but was still behind where she should be. So we were able to get her into a preschool type program that focused on language/communication skills. It was only one day a week, but in the last nine months, she has made so much progress. She’ll be going to the pre-k program at the elementary school next year, and we just had a meeting yesterday with one of her teachers from this past year to go over her IEP(Individualized Educational Program ) for next year.

Her teacher also had some concerns because she was showing some difficulty with certain fine and gross motor skills. So, she was evaluated by physical and occupational therapists and was found to have delays in both areas as well. Her development in these areas was put at between 20 months and 39 months(and she’ll be 4, or 48 months, in less than seven weeks). So, she’ll be seen by both physical and occupational therapists during the rest of the summer session(she goes twice a week once a month during the summer) and during the next school year.

This is something I say all the time, but it is very true: they are just growing up too fast. I just made their 1 year and 4 year appointments yesterday. And I almost got choked up thinking how she can’t be almost 4 because sometimes it feels like she was just born. How does the time fly by so fast?

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